Mobile Casino – the Future of Online Gambling?

July 2nd, 2012

Portable multimedia devices such as Ipads, Android phones and Iphones are becoming more and more popular. iphone gambling apps Such multimedia capable devices are opening new markets, for example, mobile devices are an excellent platform for gambling applications. The gambling industry is going to focus on devices which which consume most of their potential customers time. The question should be more likely when are the mobile casinos coming! Are the applications and products ready to fulfill players needs already? A big variety in different platforms might slow down the development, however, HTML5 offers an crossborder platform for almost every mobile device on the planet.

The Differences between Mobile Casino and Online Casino?

Mobile Casinos basically work very similary as normal online casinos. The obvious difference is of course a smaller screen, which is the biggest challenge of the mobile casinos. Most of the Mobile Casino softwares are quite limited still, offering a selection of 10-20 games. The selection offers usually the most common and popular table games like Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette and of course usually a variety of slots. Also the biggest jackpot slots are usually represented in the selection.

We have not seen mobile casinos which would offer for example live casino games or games where players can compete against each others, however, there are no technical limitations or boundaries in developing such applications. So lets hope that we’ll see such games soon on mobile devices! However if you are used to play on normal online casinos, the change to a mobile casino can feel a bit like playing the past, because of the small screen and very simple selection of the games.

There are only few mobile casino software providers on the market currently, which means that most of the mobile casinos you run in to are basically the same. The most advanced HTML5 product is offered by NetEnt software, which is the leading online casino software provider currently.

The Mobile Casino softwares are usually built to detect the resolution of the mobile devices screen and scaling the games to the right size. The games are designed in a way where you can use the device horinzontally or vertically and still be able to play the games.

How Does a Mobile Casino Work?


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Mobile Casino works usually as a side product of a normal online casino. You can enter the mobile casino by either typing the address of the normal address of the online casino to your mobile devices browser or for example using a scanner application on your mobile device to scan a QR code (example on the right side).

After entering the Mobile Casino with your portable device, you can either create a new account or to use an old one, which you have created on the main online casino site. After logging in you are ready to go.

Most Mobile Casinos let you test all the games for free, before creating an account or making any payments.

Iphone and Ipad casino

CasinoEuro Iphone Casino

An Iphone Casino Blackjack (CasinoEuro)

Most of the worlds multimedia devices are either Iphones, Ipads or Android devices. Therefore all the better mobile casinos support all these devices. The Ipad Casino solutions are usually the same ones as the Iphone casinos, just the graphics are scaled on bigger size. Sometimes this can make you wish for a better resolution for an Ipad but the difference usually is nothing too bad.

There is no different application for the mobile casinos on Iphone or Ipad because Apple has a closed system, where all the apps must be purchased from their App Store. The App Store does not allow mobile casino or any gambling related software to be downloaded. This is why all the mobile casino or mobile betting software will work straight from the browser of Iphone or Ipad. The Mobile Casino in your Iphone Casino or Ipad Casino will look like it would be its own app, thanks to the HTML5.

Android Casino

Android Casino Blackjack

An Android Casino Blackjack

Android Casino works with the same method as described above. Googles Android store is a bit more open solution, so we might see in the Android Store in future some applications related to mobile casinos or mobile betting solutions. For mobile Casino providers it is easier to build Iphone and Ipad casino solutions, because the screen resolution is always the same. With Android you have loads of different screen sizes and versions of the software, which makes it a bit more challenging to create an Android Casino. At least the NetEnts product seems to be working well in both platforms. In future with the help of HTML5 we’ll be seeing a lot more cross platform solutions.

Best Mobile Casinos

If you are looking for information about best online-casinos check out Mobile lets you know what is the best place to play and where to get the biggest bonusoffers.

Regulated Gambling Markets in Scandinavia – Case Finland

April 13th, 2012

Finland’s gambling markest are regulated by the finnish government and its laws, which have guaranteed a monopoly position for the non-profit organizations that government controls. The basic idea behind the regulation is good but it distorts the gambling market.

The government regulated non-profit organizations such as RAY (raha-automaattiyhdistys) and Veikkaus Oy have monopoly on gambling related advertisements and also have full control of the local finnish market. These entities control basically the whole gambling industry form online-casinos to internet pokeri sites. They provide gambling services, where the return rate is considerably lower than what normally in gambling industry. The idea behind this structure is to direct the generated extra profits to beneficiary purposes, such as other non-profit organizations, however, a lot of the gamblers get their money from expensive short term loans, that cause a lot of problems in Finland according to news.

The problem is realized by the finnish players when they are playing online. RAY and Veikkaus provide games which are considerably more expensive and offer way much lower profits for the players.

A lot of the players tend to focus on the foreign gambling companies, such as Betsson Group, William Hill Group or Unibet Ltd. These companies offer a top noch products for their customers with a lot higher return rates. The products are also better and more developed because of the larger budjets caused by massive number of players and volume on the gambling business.

The major problem of the foreign companies is that they are not allowed to advertise in Finland. This has been bypassed by focusing the advertising on certain medias, whose licenses are abroad. For example some tv-stations are visible in finland but based on somewhere else. By broadcasting by using these channels you do not break the finnish law.

Most of the players find their way to foreign companies through review sites like many gambling studies show. There is a full range of different sites, concentrated on casinos (in finnish netticasino), poker (in finnish nettipokeri)  and sports betting (veikkaus). The players can find bonus offers and bonus codes for the sites, which means higher sign-up bonuses and other promotional beneficies.

A good article about the problems of the global gambling markets of the finnish gambling companies can be read from here. Unfortunately the article is in finnish. The topic in english: Public Organizations in the Pressure of Globalization: Case Veikkaus Oy. Other news sources:

Live Casino Features Getting More and More Popular among Online Casino Players

February 2nd, 2012

Live Casinos are getting more common as a part of an online casino. Live Casinos bring a new elements and challenges to online gaming. Some players find them very important, others couldn’t care less. The fact that you can play blackjack from your home sofa with a live dealer whenever you want is quite spectacular but some online casino players are just fine gambling on a normal online casino website. Basically whether you like live casinos or not, it depends about your personal gambling preferences.

There are only few live casino software providers on the market, which means that all most all of the live casinos are the same. The most known company is Live Dealers Casino,which provides the live casino for William Hill, EuroGrand, CasinoEuro, Betsson Casino, Unibet Casino, Betsafe Casino and many other top notch online casinos.

Here is an video example of William Hill Casino’s live casino:

William Hill Live Casino – Live Blackjack

Here is a promotional video of Live Casinos from EuroPartners:

Live Casinos usually offer the most common table games: Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. Online casinos have customized tables and then just ordinary tables which are not in their colors etc. When the live casino is running on full capacity, they are offering the players also the unbranded tables. Live Casino Dealers have for example their studio in Latvia, where all the live dealers are from.

Easiest way to find out about live casinos is to try one. You’ll find the most comprehensive list of live casinos from a live casino review site